Museum Galleries

The museum is divided into six galleries featuring different time periods or topics and the Hall of Fame.

Collections & Artifact Database

Homer Garrison Gallery

This gallery was named after DPS Director Homer Garrison Jr. He was chief of the Rangers and Director of DPS from 1938 to 1968.

Under his leadership he revolutionized DPS by developing many programs including police traffic supervisor, driver licensing, vehicle inspection, safety education and disaster relief. The gallery was named in his honor as he passed not long after the museum opened in 1968.

Introduction to the Texas Rangers


  • Rangers & Surveyors: A Linked Tradition
  • John Coffee "Jack" Hays
  • Behind the Symbol: Texas Ranger Badges & Commissions

Ida Morris Gallery

Named in honor of Ida Morris a Waco philanthropist.

The First Century: 1835 - 1935


  • Texas Rangers & the Texas Revolution
  • The Frontier Battalion: 1874 - 1900
  • Texas Rangers on the Border: 1901 - 1919
  • Texas Rangers & World War I
  • Texas Rangers During Prohibition: 1920 - 1935
  • Former Rangers Bring Down Bonnie & Clyde
  • Texas Rangers & Politics: 1900 - 1935

Joe Troy Brownfield Gallery

Named in honor of Joe T. Brownfield son of Joe A. Brownfield who was a Waco general contractor and avid philanthropist.

Modern Texas Rangers: 1935 - Present


  • Formation of the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Rangers & the Texas DPS
  • Louis G. Phares
  • Allied Agencies
  • Modern Texas Rangers
  • Glenn Elliott

Henry J.N. Taub Hall

Named for Henry J.N. Taub, Houston businessman and philanthropist.

Taub was a longtime friend of the Rangers especially Company A in Houston. Taub donated the funds to build the gallery in 1979 in honor of his longtime friend Ranger Captain James “Pete” Roger.


  • James Frank "Pete" Rogers
  • Wright: A Family of Rangers
  • Hamer: A Ranger Tradition
  • White: A Ranger Legacy
  • Walter A. Russell

Pop Culture Gallery

This gallery showcases the Texas Rangers in Popular culture through radio, film and more.


  • Over the Airwaves: The Lone Ranger on Radio
  • Clayton Moore: A Legend Unmasked
  • The Dolores Taylor Lone Ranger Collection
  • Walker, Texas Ranger

Distinguished Service

Named in honor of those who have Served as Texas Rangers.