The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum appreciates the support of numerous organizations and individuals who have generously donated their time, money and artifacts to help us preserve the history of the Texas Rangers, tell their story and continued relationship to Texas, and make us major attraction in Central Texas.

The following are major donors who have made substantial commitments to the success of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.

Third Century Benefactors

Donors of funds, securities, artifacts or artwork of $100,000 or more in value.

  • The City and People of Waco, Texas
    Investment of $6+ million since 1968 in Land,
    Ongoing Operating Support, Artifacts and Artwork
  • The Texas Rangers Active and Retired
    Contributions of Artifacts, & Donations of Personal Funds and Services
  • John Knox, Jr, Robert Knox, Louis Knox, and Jo Knox Marcia
    Contribution to the Construction of the John Knox Texas Ranger Memorial Center
    and subsequent Gifts of Artifacts and Art
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie & Dorothy Staton
    Contribution to the Texas Rangers State Educational Headquarters Building
    and the donation of the donation of artifacts
  • Mrs. Roblay McMullin
    Gift of 1851 Oil Painting of Captain John Coffee Hays
  • Thomas L. & Yolanda Garrett
    Gift of Art Collection
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Foundation
    RAM Truck Division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
    Support for the Texas Ranger Bicentennial™
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Sarah Warren
    Donations of Personal Funds and Services
  • Spindletop International
    Exhibit Tower

Captain's Circle Benefactors

Donors of funds, securities, artifacts or artwork equal to or exceeding $15,000 in value.

  • H-E-B - Support of Exhibit and Educational Programs
  • Western Data Systems and Trimble Navigation - Gift of Artifact
  • Mrs. Carmie Carolyn Pierce - Gift of Artifact
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert Newton - Gift in Honor of Alexander Lamartine Casparis
  • Fentress Foundation - Gift in Honor of Harlon Fentress
  • Anonymous Donor - Matching Gift in Honor of Harlon Fentress
  • American Bank - Statue of Major George Erath, Texas Ranger
  • Robert Davis - Efforts in Creating the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Research Center
  • Dell Baker, Jr. - Gift of Artifacts
  • Louis A. Beecherl, Jr. - Contribution to the Construction of John Knox Texas Ranger Center
  • Joe Brownfield - Gift of the Joe Troy Brownfield Gallery
  • Moody Foundation of Galveston, Texas - Grant to the Texas Ranger Research Center
  • Estate of Ida Morris - Gift of the Ida Morris Exhibit Gallery
  • Larry Sheerin - Contribution to John Knox Texas Ranger Center and Artifacts
  • Henry J.N. Taub - Gift of the Henry J.N. Taub Exhibit Gallery
  • Brown-Olds Corporation - Gift of Art
  • Tilman R. Thomas, III & Sharon Melberg - Gift of Artifacts
  • A.D. Hodge - Gift of Artifact
  • Jerry M. Hayes - Gift of Art
  • Texas Systems Suppy - Gift of Security Equipment
  • Mrs. Jess Walker - Gift of Artifact
  • James S. Fowler - Gift of Art
  • S. L. Lewis - Gift of Artifact
  • Edmund Leuschner - Gift of Artifact
  • H. L. Williams - Gift of Artifact
  • Thomas C. Bain - Gift of Archives to the Research Center
  • Jewel Lee Wahl - Gift of Artifact and Archival Collection
  • Raymond Brown - Gift of Art
  • The Dietz Family - Henry Dietz and Bill Dietz and Families
  • P.B. Rogers - Gift of Artifact
  • Friends of the Moody Texas Ranger Memorial Library - Gifts of Funds and Equipment
  • Ms. Pat Palmer-Hartley in Memory of Dr. John Robert Palmer, Jr.
  • Senior Ranger Capt. Bruce Casteel, Ret. - Personal Records
  • Mr./Mrs. Lewis and Janice Skelton - Gift of Texas Ranger Artifacts
  • L Handly Davis and wife Bess - Gift of Artwork
  • Mr. J. Fred Bucy III - Conservation of Sam Houston painting


Donors of funds, securities, artifacts or artwork equal to or exceeding $5,000 in value.

  • James J. Griffin - Gift of Artifact Collection
  • Trina and Bill Nichols - Gift of Artifact
  • David B. Dibrell - Gift of Texas Ranger and Law Enforcement Papers
  • Jimmie B. Porter - Gift to the Renovation and Expansion Program
  • Mrs. Bob Bullock - Gift in Memory of the Hon. Lt. Governor Bob Bullock
  • Family of Clyde O. Wantland, Sr. - Gift In Memory of Clyde O. Wantland, Sr.
  • Mrs. Millicent Jones - Gift in Memory of Edward L. Jones, Jr.
  • Joaquin Jackson - Gift of Artifact
  • Joe S. Boone - Gift of Artifact
  • Mrs. Clyde Decker - Gift of Artifact
  • William Gerth Family - Gift of Artifacts
  • Joe S. Boone - Gift of Artifact
  • Joe Grandee - Gift of Artifact
  • Larry Myers - Gift of Artwork
  • W.C. Darlington & John Garland - Gift of Artifact
  • Dr. & Mrs. F.M. Parks - Gift of Art Collection
  • Jayne M. Greenhall - Gift of Artifact
  • W.B. Wright - Gift of Artifact
  • William McCoy - Gift of Artifact
  • Bill Gibson - Gift of Artifact
  • Herbert W. Ware, Jr. - Gift of Art
  • Neil Simpson - Gift of Artifact
  • Southwestern Bell - Gift of Art
  • Tom Lea - Gift of Art
  • McLennan County Sheriff's Department - Artifacts and General Support
  • Mr. Lewis Skelton - Gift of Artifacts
  • Phares Family - Gift of Artifacts

Gold Star Contributors

Gold Star Contributors have helped us build the Tobin and Anne Armstrong Texas Ranger Research Center, renovate exhibits, and a host of other projects.

For strong supporters of the Texas Ranger Heritage, descendants of Texas Rangers, and serious students of Texas Ranger History . . .

$250.00 to Join & $55.00 Annual Support


  • Contributor Certificate signed by a serving or a distinguished retired Texas Ranger
  • Annual Family and Friends Pass for 4
  • 10% Museum Store Discount
  • Official Museum Lapel Pin
  • 2 Free Ranger Service searches (if the member has a relative who was a Ranger, local files will be checked for any information the Museum may have)

To join:
Please send a check or money order for $250 to

Gold Star Contributors
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
PO Box 2570
Waco, TX 76702-2570

or please call (254) 750-8631 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Sunday) to charge to Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
Please indicate preferred name for certificate and mailing address.

Gold Star Contributors

Benjamin Balderrama

Rodney Page Ballinger II

Sgt. John D. Bradford
Harris County Sheriff's Office, Retired

Michael J. Brown

Robert R. Carle

Royce G. Caskey

Yves J. Chabry

Thomas Chadwick

Regan B. Coleman

Allan Durand

Jonathan Edward Felger

Chester Fonner

Marian Freeland

James William Gilliam, Jr.

Henry Doyle Hall Jr.

Karina Hays-McMillan Hittle

Mrs. Cathy Holm

Rocky Janda

John Grant Kipp

Col. Steven L. Labov

Skystone-Eagle Lambert

Jean Pierre Lerate

Thomas Leslie Littleton

Stephen J. Lucas

Joseph F. Meyer IV

Mr. Ray Mileur

Grant Mouser

Gary L. Neely

Glenn A. Neely

Fred Pearce

Marie C. Pearce

Juan Manuel Perez

Robert S. Perkin

Gerald Powell

Dennis A. Robison

Stan Scott

Alton E. Sigman

Richard A. Steed -

Robert M. Taylor

Texas Top Guns

R. J. VanSickle

Ron Vari

Michael Walden

James G. Warren

Debi Caffee Wenzel

Kenneth E. Wenzel

Eric Wilson

Kenneth P. Wise