Website Development

Website Development


The first Texas Ranger Hall of Fame website went on line in 1997—just six years after the first web page premiered on the World Wide Web. It was likely the first law enforcement history website. Twenty years ago, a desktop or laptop computer was the only way to access the web. The iPhone was still a decade away, and Nokia had just issued the first text-only internet capable phone.


The site was designed, coded in HTML and CSS, and redesigned over the years as a donation by:

Sharon P. Johnson
Web Developer & Coordinator
Baylor University

with assistance from

Electronic Communications
Marketing & Communications Department
Baylor University

Content was provided by many TRHFM staff members and by the late Robert Nieman, who published the on-line The Texas Ranger Dispatch magazine for ten years. Byron Johnson, TRHFM Director, served as webmaster for the site.

1997 TRHFM Website
1997 TRHFM Website
2002 TRHFM Website
2002 TRHFM Website
2007 TRHFM Website
2007 TRHFM Website
2014 TRHFM Website
2014 TRHFM Website

2018 - Future

Today 61% of Americans own a smart phone. Cell phones and tablets are increasingly replacing desktop computers as the primary means of internet access worldwide. With this in mind, the Texas Ranger Museum staff has designed a new smartphone and tablet-friendly website. This new site launched February 22, 2018 after a year-long venture in building over 300+ web pages and transferring thousands of pages of content.


The staff development leaders, who implemented the new site in WordPress were:

Casey Eichhorn
Education Programs Manager

Christine Rothenbush
Marketing, Communications and Development Specialist

Byron Johnson

Shelly Crittendon
Collections Manager

Christina Stopka
Deputy Director and Head Archivist
Tobin and Anne Armstrong Texas Ranger Research Center

Rusty Bloxom
Research Librarian
Tobin and Anne Armstrong Texas Ranger Research Center

External consultants who greatly assisted in facilitation of these improvements were:

Carla Pendergraft
Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau
City of Waco

Jeffrey Cannon
WP Waco
WordPress and Technical Consulting