Bicentennial Partners Roster

Texas Rangers Bicentennial™
Partners & Contributors Roster

The following is a list of Partners and Contributors to the upcoming Texas Rangers Bicentennial™ in 2023.
Please see "Become a Partner" to learn more about joining.
Donors are alphabetical by last name with those contributing $500 or more in bold.




Alexander, Bob

Baylor Family

Bohannon, Michael G.

Bowers, Guy M.


Bucy III, J. Fred

Bucy, Joshua F.

Burson, James

Bush, James E. & Mary B.

Camp, Glenn

Catania, Andrea

City of Waco

Collums, Horace

Crouch, Gary

Darden Building Materials

Donohue, Robert

Dukes, Doug

Dunn, Barbara

Dunn, John Dennis

Durrie, Harry

Eggemeyer, Scott

Elmore, Jess & Susan

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Foundation

Fulmer, Steven C. & Miriam U.

Gesher, Hugh, Dr.

Gilbert, A.C.

Gleichman, Rudolph

Gregory, James & Noella

Hammond, C.L.

Haralson, The Family of Joe W. & Alice D.

Harrell, Jim & Julie

Henry Jr., David E.

Herring, Lee

Holmes, Jimmy Don

Holt, Carson

Jackson, David

Johnson, Byron and Sharon

Johnson, Kevin

Knappenberger II, Clifford J.

Knight, Whit

Larned, David

Leica Geosystems

Light, Lavon

Markman, Doylene and Dan

Mayhew, Zeb

McCarty, Mark

Miller, Paula

Miller, Richard J.

Phipps, J.D.

Porter Loring Mortuaries

Robinson, Ray O.

Smith, Larry L., M.D.

Spraggens, Gary

Teal, Jim & Stacy

Texas Ranger Association Foundation

Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Rifle Association

Texas Society of Professional Surveyors

Texas Top Guns

Thomas Jr., Richard J.

Torrey, W. W.

Wall, Greg

Wenzel, Debi Caffee

Wenzel, Kenneth E.

Wilhelm, Leslie

Williamson, Holly

Woltersdorf, Deborah

Woltersdorf, R. C.