Known Ranger Commanders

Texas Ranger Commanders

Compiled by Christina Stopka, Librarian/Archivist
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

Research Contributed by Tony Black
Texas State Library and Archives, Austin

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum actively collects information on all known Texas Rangers. Part of this effort is an attempt to create a roster of identifiable unit commanders from 1823 to the present. Due to the informal nature of early Texas Ranger commands, and the loss or destruction of later State records, the list contains gaps and missing information.

Please note that this list covers only unit commanders of various ranks and not all Texas Rangers. This list was last updated in October 2019.

New versions of this list will be released as substantial information is added. Genealogists, historians, Rangers and researchers are invited to contribute additions or corrections. Click the following link to e-mail Christina Stopka, Director, Texas Ranger Research Center, at [email protected].

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Indentified Texas Ranger Unit Commanders

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