Killed in the Line of Duty

Texas Rangers: Killed or Died While on Duty

The Eras

Dept. of Public Safety Rangers 1935 - Present
Texas State Rangers 1901 - 1935
Frontier Forces / Minutemen/ Special Force/ Frontier Battalion Rangers, 1870--1901
The Ranging Companies 1823 - 1869

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum staff estimates that fewer than 1% of the individuals who have served as Texas Rangers were killed or died in the line of duty.

The individual names found in the following listing represent two categories of death while on duty in the Ranger Service. A Ranger is considered to have been killed in action, KIA, if s/he was killed while attempting to enforce the laws of the state. A Ranger is considered to have died in service, DIS, if the death was a result of illness, accident, or some other means not associated with one’s duties. Research to determine how a Ranger died is an ongoing and lengthy process. Occasionally a simple notation such as “Died” is all the information available through traditional sources.

The list has been compiled from official sources and manuscript records by:

Christina Stopka
Head of Armstrong Texas Ranger Research Center

Dan Agler
Former Curatorial Technician at Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

Fred Wilkins
Author of the book, The Legend Begins

The list is not complete -- and may never be -- due to gaps in the historical record. It will be updated as new material is uncovered and research progresses. Anyone having information about Rangers killed in the line of duty is invited to submit it for inclusion on this list.

Killed or Died While on Duty List

Latest Update -- November 2019