Non-Profit Assistance

Our Assistance to Non-Profits

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is a 170(c) governmental non-profit. We proudly assist other non-profits in the following ways.

Please note: We are not permitted to make financial donations or to contribute to for-profit businesses, conventions and organizations or donate banquet space for fundraisers.

Training and Program SpaceThe Capt. Robert Mitchell Texas Ranger Education Center is a classroom, planning and training space for non-profits providing community service and governmental entities. It is not intended for regular (monthly) meetings, banquet space or commercial activities.

The Education Center is furnished with chairs, tables a digital projector, P.A. system and wireless internet capabilities.  It accommodates 65 persons in classroom layout (with tables), or 100 persons with a theater floor plan (chairs only). Use of the facility is free to qualifying organizations; there is a $50 nonrefundable application fee. For more information on availability and sample setups, click here.

Admission Passes:  The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum provides a limited number of admissions passes to other nonprofits to assist with fundraisers, silent auctions, volunteer appreciation, non-athletic student competitions, etc. For application information, please click here.

We occasionally partner with nonprofit and governmental organizations sharing our missions of education, historic preservation research and heritage tourism. We have cosponsored events such as historical conferences, lectures, public safety education and events by lending banquet and classroom space.  To discuss a partnership, please contact the Director,  Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.