Though the Texas Rangers may be best know for their frontier cowboy days, modern Texas Rangers use the best investigative technology available to solve crimes. The Luma-Lite is part of their investigative arsenal. This tool detects blood, fingerprints, minute clothing fibers and more by putting out a broad-band light beam. The Luma-Lite can detect all of those things because different materials absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light.

"I used the Luma-lite many times in my career with great results. One of the best instruments for homicide investigation. It was ground breaking during my time as a Ranger." - Ranger Chief Ray Coffman, Ret. (1986-2008)

19- Light 2
19- Light 3
19- Light 1

Luma Lite equipment

Loaned by Texas Rangers Company "B" / Catalog# L2020.016