Remington 8F Hamer

Remington Model 8F

presented to Frank Hamer

One rifle, one pistol, a pocket knife, and a black gunbelt with silver accents arrange across an older map. The edge of the Texas flag is visible in the top left corner.

Remington Model 8F Rifle

Loaned by Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center, Texas A&M University / Catalog# 0704
Photo courtesy of Robert Langham III

Texas Ranger Capt. Frank Augustus Hamer (1884-1955) owned this Remington Model 8F Rifle, along with the Smith & Wesson New Model #3 revolver, and the other personal effects. The rifle was given to Capt. Hamer by Remington Arms Company after an agent witnessed his sharp-shooting skills when the Texas Rangers shut down a gambling and bootlegging syndicate in Mexia, Texas. The rifle became Hamer's favorite deer rifle, and later tales of his fantastic marksmanship with it became legendary. The rifle includes intricate engraving, gold inlay and an inscription that reads, "Capt. Frank Hamer of the Texas Rangers".

Remington Model 8F presented to Frank Hamer