Colt Revolver Shoulder Stocks

Colt Revolvers with Shoulder Stocks

An older leather belt, two Colt pistols with attached shoulder stocks, and the heels with spurs of a pair of boots all positioned on a multicolored saddle blanket.

Colt Third Model Dragoon and Colt Model 1860 with detachable shoulder stocks

Courtesy of the Museum Collection / Catalog# 1233a&b, 1221 & 1643b

Photo courtesy of Robert Langham III

Colt Dragoon revolvers were made from 1848-1861 in three models and were popular with the military and civilians alike. Colt Dragoon revolvers were too large and heavy to be worn as a sidearm and were usually carried in a pair of holsters on the front of the saddle or across the horse’s neck. The Third Model was the final design of the Dragoon revolver series.

The New Model Army or Model 1860 Army was a streamlined improvement of the Third Model Dragoon offering superior ballistics, lighter weight, and improved balance.  It was the most popular revolver used by the Union forces during the Civil War. Both revolvers offered detachable shoulder stocks, including the military design with the option of a canteen inside, which are now considered rare.

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Colt Third Model Dragoon with shoulder stock