Colt 1911 Pistols

1931 Pair of Colt 1911A1 Pistols

owned by Capt. M. T. Gonzaullas

Firearms-MT Gonzaullas

Pair of Colt Standard 1911A1 Government Model, Commercial Conversion Pistols

Loaned by Joyce Green / Catalog# 2920.001-002

Photo courtesy of Robert Langham III

Texas Ranger Captain Manuel T. Gonzaullas enjoyed a long and illustrious career in Texas law enforcement, working in the oilfields and along the Texas-Mexico border. He used this pair of Colt 1911A1 Government Model pistols during his Ranger service. The pistols are factory engraved with gold inlay, gold monogrammed initials on the right, and a longhorn on the left of the ivory grips. Both pistols feature cutaway trigger guards, which is said to have been a signature feature of Gonzaullas’ guns, as well as other unique custom details. Each is inscribed near the trigger with the motto "Never Draw Me Without Cause, Nor Shield Me With Dishonor".

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Pair of Colt 1911A1 pistols owned by M.T. Gonzaullas