1895 Winchester

Winchester Model 1895

A rifle made up of a dark metal and lighter wood.

Winchester Model 1895 carbine

Gift of Kenneth and Paul Davis / Catalog# 2002.029.009

The Winchester Model 1895 was the first successful box magazine lever-action rifle. Designed by John M. Browning and chambered for the new high powered smokeless powder, the Model 1895 was suitable for any big game throughout the world. The box magazine beneath the frame created a unique look for this firearm.

This Winchester Model 1895 carbine was manufactured in about 1897, making it an early example of the model. The Model 1895 was produced from 1895 until 1932 but remained a reliable long-arm for Texas law enforcement. This carbine was used by Jim Nance, a Texas Ranger of the 1950s.

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Winchester Model 1895