Donating to the Museum’s Artifact/Archive Collection


Procedure for Proposed Artifact/Archive Donations:

1. The Director, Deputy Director, Collections Manager, Collections Assistant and Research Librarian are authorized to receive artifacts/archives proposed as gifts to the TRHFM, that are within stated policies.

2. Items received for donation consideration as acquisitions will be handled as temporary deposits and will undergo the following procedure:

a. The staff member receiving the item(s) will fill out a RECEIPT FORM accepting the item(s) as a Temporary Deposit.

b. The receipt form will be completely filled out including the name of the owner, their address, at least one contact phone number, e-mail address, if available,  and the date of the deposit.

c. Museum policy regarding donations should be explained to the depositor at the time of the deposit. A copy of the RECEIPT FORM should be given to the depositor.

d. Provenance of the piece should be recorded, if known, and attached to the RECEIPT FORM.

e. All items will undergo review by the senior collections and/or library staff and the Director to decide on acceptance or rejection within 30 days of deposit.

f. Purchases over $500.00 will be referred to the Director and senior administrative staff for review and approval. Objects acquired by purchase should be accompanied by a written guarantee of authenticity and originality from the vendor to the TRHFM. Items acquired through auction may not meet this specification due to disclaimers now common with auction houses.

3. A GIFT AGREEMENT will be issued for items approved for acquisition. The GIFT AGREEMENT will be issued by the Collections Manager and filled out and signed by both the museum director and the donor or the donor’s agent. The GIFT AGREEMENT is a legal document that transfers ownership of the item(s) to the Museum. The owner or his/her agent with full authority, desiring to absolutely transfer full title by gives, assigns and conveys, finally and completely, and without limitation or reservation, the property to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum and its successors and assigns, permanently and forever, together with (when applicable) any copyrights therein and the right to copyright the same. The donor warrants that he/she is the lawful owner in every respect of all of the object(s) and that they are free and clear of all liens, security agreements, encumbrances, claims, demands, and charges of any kind whatsoever. This transfer of title shall be effective on the date this agreement is signed by the donor.

4. If an acquisition is declined for donation, the owner will be contacted and a time scheduled to return the objects as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the owner to make arrangements and pay for the return of their objects unless prior arrangements are made and agreed upon by the Museum’s Collections Manager, Librarian, Deputy Director, Director or their designee.


Display of Artifacts

All donated items may eventually be displayed, however, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum does not promise permanent display of specific items because:

  • Most museums have more artifacts than they can display at one time. Artifacts in many displays are rotated to keep exhibits interesting to repeat visitors and so that all donors will eventually have their items on display.
  • Many artifacts are sensitive to light and other environmental factors. They will fade or deteriorate if left on permanent display. Some items, such as photographs and paper documents, are so fragile that reproductions are always used.
  • Artifacts are sometimes removed from exhibit and loaned to qualified museum for temporary exhibition.
  • Any artifacts not on display are placed in the study collections where they are available for examination by qualified scholars, students and researchers.
  • Whether on display, or in the study collections, your gift is an equally important and treasured addition to the collections of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.


Tax Deductibility

Is my gift tax deductible?

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is a nonprofit department of the City of Waco under Section   170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum are deductible from gross taxable income in accordance with the current provisions of the federal tax code. Deductibility differs depending upon each donor’s financial circumstances, so you are urged to discuss the donation of items of significant monetary value with your financial advisor.



Will the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum provide an appraisal of my donation?

The I.R.S. does not permit us to appraise donations, select appraisers for donors, or pay for appraisals.


Since the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum wants the gift, the I.R.S. assumes that we would give a favorable or biased appraisal. Therefore, the I.R.S. insists upon independent appraisals done by a qualified person with no interest in the donation. These donations are usually recorded on I.R.S. form #8283.

While we cannot provide an appraisal, we are permitted to advise you on how to select an appraiser, to help you locate several qualified appraisers, and to advise you concerning what constitutes a valid appraisal.

The Director and staff of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum will be pleased to answer any questions or respond to any concerns you may have regarding artifact/archive donations.