Bicentennial Set

Bicentennial Badge Collection

This set of badges commemorating the 200th anniversary take their place among the museum’s historic collection of badges spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.
set of Ranger badges in wood display case

Gift of the set of 13 badges representing the current ranks Texas Rangers service. As we approach the Bicentennial in 2023, this is an important and iconic reminder of their dedication to the people of Texas. Each badge clearly shows the painstaking care and hundreds of hours of master craftsmanship that Kevin Johnson had invested in this legacy for future generations.

We appreciate the generosity of the late J. Fred Bucy III and his family in supplying the gold coins used in the set. Like the Sam Houston painting restoration Bucy and family underwrote, the set is a permanent legacy for future generations.

We appreciate Ranger Chief Collins' authorization to have the set made for the Ranger's permanent collections at the museum.