The Telegram

The Telegram:

Texas Ranger Paperwork in the 19th Century

In the old days Texas Rangers made some of the best witnesses for prosecutors, and they still do. But the patience of these frontiersmen for paperwork was limited.

A 1900s Ranger in a collared shirt, tie, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat poses for a picture with his rifle.
Nat. B. "Kiowa" Kones, Texas Ranger, about 1900. Copyr. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame 2018

Nat B. "Kiowa" Jones was a crack shot and no nonsense. Arriving at the state prison with a wounded When filling out a report on a prisoner he transported he had to explain why the prisoner had been shot. His report was "He was ornery, and that’s why I shot him."

In 1875, Capt. Leander McNelly, cmooander of the Special Force, sent the following report from Matamoros, Mexico, after pursuing raiding cattle rustlers into Mexico.

Leander McNelly, Texas Ranger, circa 1875.
Leander McNelly, Texas Ranger, circa 1875.
"Supreme Government Telegraph. Telegram. To: Adjutant General G. V. Steele. Had a fight with raiders, killed twelve and capture two hundred and sixty five beeves. Wish you were here. L. McNelly Capt. Commanding"