History of Texas Ranger Company G

The History of
Texas Ranger Company G

by Skylor Hearn
Lt. Colonel/Deputy Director, Texas DPS
October 2019

An outline of the state of Texas divided up into Companies A-G. Company G's territory is highlighted.

In the spring of 2007, DPS Colonel Thomas Davis requested Texas Ranger Chief Ray Coffman evaluate the creation of a seventh Texas Ranger Company – a company running along the Texas-Mexico border from Del Rio to Brownsville with identical boundaries to the Texas Highway Patrol’s Region 8. Accomplished through additional personnel provided by the 80th Legislature and a division-level reorganization of the Ranger’s Unsolved Crimes Investigation Team, a plan was presented to Colonel Davis.

In August 2007, the Public Safety Commission approved the creation of a seventh Texas Ranger Company – Company G. In line with Colonel Davis’ and Chief Coffman’s visions, Company G was created to serve several purposes, including: to provide uniform boundaries and enhance operations across the state between the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol; to provide greater Texas Ranger presence and service to the citizens and visitors in this increasingly populated border region; and to better facilitate the Texas Rangers’ increasing role in Texas Homeland Security operations and command.

Company G became operational on January 1, 2008. It encompassed 15 counties (4 formerly in Company E and 11 formerly in Company D). The Company G headquarters office was located in McAllen and the company had a total of 14 commissioned Texas Ranger personnel, with 6 existing stations absorbed and 8 new stations created. The Company Commander also oversaw the operations of three Texas Border Security Joint Operation Intelligence Centers (JOIC).

Captain Hearn, 2009
Captain Hearn, 2009

The original commissioned Company G personnel included: Captain Skylor Hearn, McAllen; Lt. Dewayne Dockery, McAllen; Lt. JD Robertson, Laredo; Ranger Rolando Castaneda, Brownsville; Ranger Jose Diaz, Rio Grande City; Ranger Victor Escalon, Harlingen; Ranger Robert Hunter, Laredo; Ranger Juan Lozano, Del Rio; Ranger Stacy McNeal, Laredo; Ranger A.J. Miller, Del Rio – JOIC Staff Lt; Ranger Rocky Millican, Pearsall; Ranger Israel Pacheco, McAllen; and Ranger Jeffrey Smithwick, McAllen.

On August 17, 2009, the Public Safety Commission approved a major reorganization of the agency that included a statewide realignment to six DPS regions. This realignment resulted in the headquarters of Company D moving to McAllen, with all Company G personnel and operations falling under Company D.

Captain Hearn assumed command of Company D until his appointment to DPS Regional Commander in El Paso on October 1, 2009.