General Texas Ranger History

Texas Ranger History Articles

A Texas Ranger Timeline
by Staff, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame

Brief History of the Texas Rangers
by Mike Cox

Publishing Texas Ranger History
An American Literary Tradition through Three Centuries
by Byron A. Johnson

Women and the Rangers
An Exhibit by the Staff

Early Texas Rangers (1823-1871)

Rangers of the Republic of Texas 1836-1845
by Museum Staff

Indians and Rangers in the 19th Century
by Christina Smith

The Stone Houses Fight
by Stephen L Moore

The Surveyors' Fight
by Stephen L Moore

Rangers of the Cherokee War
by Stephen L. Moore

Texas Rangers at the Battle of the Alamo
by Stephen L. Moore

The Rule of Law vs. Mr. Colt
by Bob Dabney

The Battle of Plum Creek
by Christina Smith

Mixed Blessings: The Texas Rangers in the Mexican War
by Major Ian Lyles, U.S. Army

Reconnaissance in the Mexican War
by Major Nathan A. Jennings,
U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

The Battle of Palo Alto
by Nancy Ray

Historic Texas Ranger Graves San Antonio
by Robert Nieman with Sr. Capt. C.J. Havrda

Seminole Freedmen
by Kevin Mulroy & Sgt. Lee Young, Texas Rangers, Ret.

The Keep Ranch Fight - 1870
by Eddie Matney

Early 20th Century (1901-1934)

Chinese Rangers
summarized by Robert Nieman

The Mexican Revolution and the Porvenir Massacre
by Byron A. Johnson

Captain J.M Fox and the Porvenir Massacre
by Rachel Smith

The Texas Rangers and World War I
by Rusty Bloxom

Martial Law In East Texas, 1932
A Report by the East Texas Chamber of Commerce justifying martial law after lawlesness in the oil fields

FAQ: Bonnie & Clyde and the Barrow Gang
by Rusty Bloxom

Bonnie and Clyde Historic Marker
by Robert Nieman

DPS Texas Rangers (1935-Present)

Governor James Allred and the San Augustine Rangers
by Shelly A. Crittendon and Rusty Bloxom

The History of the East Texas Oil Field, 1938
A Thesis by Lucile Silvey Beard

Texas Rangers and the New London School Disaster
by Robert Nieman

Walter Prescott Webb: Centennial History of the Texas Rangers
by David Stroud

Galveston's Balinese Room
by Robert Nieman

Houston Family Kidnapping
by Staff, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame

National Police Week Memorial Speech (2007)
by Joe Haralson

History of Texas Ranger Company G
by Skylor Hearn, Deputy Director, Texas DPS

Rangers Face New Responsibilities (2015)
by Chief Randy Prince

The Republic of Texas Standoff
by Barry Caver

Texas Dept. of Public Safety 75th Anniversary Timeline
Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Rangers in Pop Culture

Texas Rangers in Movies and TV
by Byron A. Johnson

Tales of the Texas Rangers Radio Show
by Bill O'Neal

The Pulp Cowboy
by John Dinan

Who was that Masked Man: The Lone Ranger
by Bill O'Neal