Investigation in Palo Duro Canyon

Investigation in Palo Duro Canyon

by Tony Arnold, Retired Ranger

14 men in Ranger uniforms on mountain area

2003 Company “C” Texas Rangers at the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Palo Duro Canyon is 120 miles long and the second biggest canyon system in the United States. During 2003, Company “C” covered 60 counties in the northwestern part of the State.
man in white cowboy hat and black suit on blue background
Tony Arnold
Texas Ranger Captain Jim Miller and Lieutenant L.C. Wilson were relatively new to Company “C”, both were from Company “A” (Houston). Not long after this picture, I was investigating a scene where a suspect had been killed during the exchange of gunfire with law enforcement. Less than an hour before the shootout, the suspect had crashed his vehicle into his parents home and murdered his parents. He left their home to locate his ex-wife and children, who had protective orders in place. Law enforcement located the suspect and thankfully stopped his plans.

As I was working the scene, Captain Miller and Lieutenant Wilson dropped by to view the scene. Both men rolled up their sleeves and helped me map it out and locate key evidence. Folks, that’s leadership - the Rangers were blessed with many great leaders.