Licensing Program

Licensing Program

Licensed LDT Custom Motorcycle purchased by the Texas Lottery as a prize in a promotion to 5,500,000

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum licensing program is a means of linking your product(s) to the heritage of the Texas Rangers, who are some of the most respected heroes of the American West.

Like becoming a Texas Ranger, appointment as a licensee is a distinction granted to an elite few. As the historical center for this legendary organization, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame is very selective in the products we choose to license and the companies we’ll work with. To insure product quality and conformity, we work with an advisory board of Texas Rangers for product design and development.

Assistance in marketing goes well beyond appointment as a licensee. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame houses the Texas Ranger Research Center—containing historic photographs, graphics and materials invaluable for marketing and promotion.

Our audiences are large and counted in the millions, drawn by a symbol of Texas and the American West:

  • Law enforcement fans: Consider the popularity of programs such as Walker: Texas Ranger, CSI, Law and Order, Bones, Criminal Minds, and many, many more through the years.
  • Old West fans: Consider the programs on PBS, Discovery Channel, History Channel and the hundreds of thousands of fiction and nonfiction books published on the American West.
  • Children: Interest in cowboys, Texas Rangers and policemen has never faded in the minds of children.
  • Country/Western fans: Consider the symbolic value of the Texas Rangers to fans of Country/Western Music, NASCAR, Pro Rodeo, and all things West.

Why License?

Smith & Wesson commemorative Texas Ranger knives produced by Taylor Brands

1. Instant Brand Recognition: Affiliate with the worldwide popularity, visibility and instant recognition of an American icon.

2. Track Record: The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame licensing program was established in 1998. Licenses have been granted to many successful marketing efforts for commemorative firearms, motorcycles, lines of clothing and apparel, accessories, watches, cutlery, and more.

3. Product Development: Assistance with design details and access to historical artifacts, photographs and visuals for product research and development.

4. Authenticity: A “seal of approval” from the official historical center of the Texas Rangers.

5. Exclusivity: Licensing is generally non-exclusive with regard to product categories but may be exclusive to specific products likely to command significant market share. We strive not to license competing products.

Becoming a Licensee

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame licensing program is designed for mass-market products. Licensees generally meet the following criteria—the first three are the most important for success:

1. Design and manufacturing resources in place with the capability of bringing product to market in 9 months.

2. Capitalization in place.

3. Existing, committed distribution network.

4. Capability of generating a minimum of $10,000 in royalties to the TRFHM per annum ($200,000 in annual gross sales at 5% royalty—royalties are determined based on market potential and previous sales history).

Licensing Proposal

Wrangler Texas Ranger Cowboy Hats advertisement utilizing historic images from the Tobin & Anne Armstrong Texas Ranger Research Center

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame requests that a proposal be submitted for review as part of the licensing process. The information below requested for review:

Basic Information

1. General information on your company including:

[a] Principal Officers (authorized to execute contract), physical location of business offices, and mailing address and phone numbers.

[b] Information on how long the company has been in business, and whether a dba of another corporation.

[c] Current product catalog or reference to company web site.

[d] Approximate current gross annual sales and company financial information if publicly held or SEC registered.

[e] Other licenses held by company.

2. Detailed description of proposed product – products are licensed individually – proposed number of units and wholesale/retail price points.

3. Description of existing distribution network and marketing concepts (i.e., direct mail, selected retailers, etc.).

4. Estimated time-to-market of product after design approval is granted.

Submit Proposal To

Christine W. Rothenbush
Marketing & Development Specialist
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
PO Box 2570
Waco, TX 76702-2570