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Crime Scene in a Box

The Crime Scene in a Box provides students with the opportunity to learn about the challenges associated with modern crime scene investigation while attempting to solve a mock crime. From analyzing fingerprints to inspecting physical evidence, students will attempt to build a case using circumstantial evidence. Using the provided crime scenario and laboratory handouts, students will delve into the exciting world of the modern Texas Rangers and crime lab technicians.

Teacher Information

The Crime Scene in a Box is an outreach program designed for use by school teachers and home school teachers alike (home school classes should contact us about equipment required for use).

The Crime Scene in a Box may be rented at a cost of $3.00 per student (with a minimum of $20.00), plus shipping, for a period of two weeks. Local facilitators may choose to pick up and redeliver the trunk in person to avoid shipping fees.

Reserve the Crime Scene in a Box

The Crime Scene in a Box is currently being updated and has limited availability. If you are interested in renting the Crime Scene in a Box please call (254) 750-8631 or email to find out availability.

The Crime Scene in a Box includes:
Crime Scenario Evidence Suspect and Witness Statements
Crime Scene Photos
Teacher Materials Folder with Lesson Plans
Most Materials Needed for Experiments

Teachers must provide the following materials for certain activities:
Cardboard Box
Fume Hood
Super Glue (1oz containers)
Aprons & Latex Gloves
Glass or Aluminum Containers
Tweezers, Magnifying Glasses, & Q-tips
Photocopies of Handouts