Guess the Artifact

Guess the Artifact

Welcome to TRHFM’s Guess the Artifact! In this series, we will be sharing close-up pictures of some of our artifacts and inviting you to guess what you think it is. Be sure to pay attention to all of those details and take time to study the photographs below. What do you think these objects are?

To create a learning experience for your kids/students, consider asking them questions that expand beyond just “What do you think this is?” You can ask them things like: What color is it? What do you think the object is made of? How do you think it would feel or smell? What do you think the object is/was used for?

When you are ready, click here to see the answers.

Guess the Artifact #1

A close up of leaf and flower inlay on a wooden surface.

Guess the Artifact #2

A black inked woman in a robe with a scythe and wheat in her hands. There is a decorative border below her and the edge of writing across her.

Guess the Artifact #3

A dark and light silver dully spiked wheel with simple fleur de lis shapes as the spokes.

Guess the Artifact #4

A carving of four men in a shallow boat. One is paddling, two are standing, one is sitting.

Guess the Artifact #5

A gold embossed decoration of an angle holding a ribbon that reads "And he srewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal in a gold decorative frame.

Guess the Artifact #6

A silver circle engraved with a star and a bull horn attached to dark brown leather with stitching visible.

Guess the Artifact #7

A close up image of a decorative silver surface that reads "Company -B- State Ranger Force".

Guess the Artifact #8

A grey and blue circle covered in clear plastic attached to a cream tan background with a ruler.

Guess the Artifact #9

A zoomed in picture on a round metal circle that reads "The Protector"

Guess the Artifact #10

Four beetle looking bugs pinned on a white surface and two small tubes with lids on them pinned next to the bugs. One tube has a yellow liquid in it.

Guess the Artifact #11

A design of the six flags of Texas and the Texas star in blue ink on a white background. The years printed in the design are 1836-1936.

Guess the Artifact #12

A tan surface with blue/black geometric designs on it.

Guess the Artifact #13

wood x cross shape

Guess the Artifact #14

jeweled sword embroidery detail

Guess the Artifact #15

soft black fabric with two buttons

Guess the Artifact #16

red number 19 and hole on white metal plate

Guess the Artifact #17

script in columns on yellowed document

Guess the Artifact #18

silver sculpted horse head