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Welcome from Company "E"Headquarters -  El Paso
Major Crayton McGee, Commanding

Major Crayton McGee

Welcome to the web page of Company "E."  The Rangers assigned to this historic Company trace their proud heritage to the Old West.  Company "E" was founded in 1874 as part of Major John B. Jones’ Frontier Battalion and has served with distinction for parts of three centuries.

If you are not familiar with West Texas, it is everything you would expect to see in a western movie--huge ranches with cattle and horses and scenic vistas with cactus and foothills.  The area is also one of the most important energy producing locales in the United States and is home to thousands of oil wells and hundreds of towering wind turbines. 

Local law enforcement agencies in West Texas are usually small.  The terrain is rugged and mountainous.  Those two characteristics lead some criminals to believe that West Texas is a safe haven for their illegal activities.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Texas Rangers concentrate our efforts toward assisting local law enforcement agencies with major investigations.  These include, but are certainly not limited to, murder, robbery, sexual assault, burglary and theft.  We also investigate corruption cases involving public officials and provide special protection for the Texas Governor and other officials.

Company Lieutenants

Lt. Chris Clark


Lt. Jason Dudley
El Paso
Joint Operations Intelligence Command Border Security

Staff Lt. Burleigh Locklar, Jr.

JOIC Border Security
Fort Davis

Phillip Breeding

Brian Burney

Joel Calloway

John (Nick) Hanna
San Angelo

Philip O. Kemp
San Angelo

Randy Lewis


Robert Losoya
Fort Stockton

Royal McMullin

El Paso

Tod Reed

Jeffery Strain

James Thomas

El Paso

Joel Timms

Juan Torrez
El Paso

Jeffrey "Jeff" Vajdos

Ellen M. Pafford
Administrative Assistant
Stacy Stathis
Administrative Assistant
El Paso


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