The Official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas
Texas Ranger History: Timeline - Special Investigations


August - The Department of Public Safety begins operation with Tom Hickman commissioned as Senior Ranger Captain. Capt. Hickman will later serve as a member of the Public Safety Commission.


Texas Ranger Dub Naylor Texas Ranger Dub Naylor and child in front of
Co. B Headquarters in Fair Park, Dallas

Texas celebrates its Centennial at Fair Park in Dallas.

A centerpiece of the fair is the Company B Texas Rangers headquarters building and the world premiere of King Vidor's movie The Texas Rangers.




Nazi Invasion IllustrationSeptember - Despite U.S. neutrality, Capt. Frank Hamer and 49 retired Texas Rangers offer their services to the King of England to defend their shores against Nazi invasion. The U.S. State Department is not amused. The King thanks Capt. Hamer and the retired Rangers for their offer.

During the war, rumors that "Rangers" will infiltrate Nazi Germany causes concern in the Reich. The rumors were based on tales of U.S. Army Ranger commandos, but so famous are the Texas Rangers that the Gestapo and Ministry of Propaganda assume that they will face Texas Rangers.





Spy IllustrationDuring World War II, Army Criminal Intelligence Division officers train with the Texas Rangers at the DPS headquarters in Austin.






Capt. M.T. "Lonewolf" Gonzaullas Capt. M.T. "Lonewolf" Gonzaullas

The "Phantom Killer" murders five young people in Texarkana, Texas.

After the third murder, Texas Ranger Captain M. T. Gonzaullas is called in to head the investigation. Although he will follow hundreds of leads, no arrest is made. The case is still open, although the prime suspect dies in a rest home many years later.







Texas Rangers and their first airplane
The Texas Department of Public Safety builds a new campus in Austin including administrative offices and training facilities. The Texas Rangers acquire their first airplane.







Texas Ranger Capt. Bob Crowder peacefully resolves a hostage situation at the Rusk Hospital for the Criminally Insane.


During the turmoil of the 1960s, Texas Rangers are ordered to investigate and police strikes at the Lone Star Steel Plant and to control labor unrest among migrant workers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Following civil rights lawsuits, policy is changed so that Texas Rangers are employed in criminal investigations, not sent to police labor disputes.


Photo of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and MuseumThe Col. Homer Garrison Texas Ranger Museum is opened in Waco as the official Texas Department of Public Safety museum for the Texas Rangers. Entertainer Danny Thomas and Gunsmoke star James Arness attend the opening.





Fred Carrasco and two other prisoners take over the library and educational facility at the Walls Unit at the state prison in Huntsville. Ranger Captains Rogers and Burks lead an assault to free the hostages.


The State of Texas SealIn celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Rangers in 1973, the State Legislature creates the Texas Ranger Commemorative Commission with goal of raising funds to build a Texas Ranger Hall of Fame at the Texas Ranger museum in Waco.

The facility is dedicated in 1976 and as the Official Texas State Hall of Fame for the Texas Rangers and renamed The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.




Texas Ranger Bobby DohertyTexas Ranger Bobby Doherty is killed during a drug raid in Denton, Texas. He is later inducted into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.








Texas Ranger Stanley GuffeySgt. Stan Guffey Texas Ranger Stanley Guffey is killed saving the life of a child during a kidnapping. He is later inducted into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.






Texas Rangers begin an investigation into the deaths of four ATF agents following the attempted execution of a search warrant at the Branch Davidian Compound at Elk Texas, near Waco.

Texas Rangers will later conduct a follow-up investigation at the request of the assistant U.S. Attorney in Waco. Investigations and trials related to the tragedy will extend into 2000.


Capt. Barry CaverCapt. Barry Caver

Texas Rangers commanded by Capt. Barry Caver conduct hostage negotiations with the Republic of Texas, a militant political organization which claims Texas is still an independent nation. Texas Rangers are able to secure the release of all hostages and negotiate the surrender of most of those involved. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is named the Official State Repository for Texas Ranger memorabilia by the state legislature.


The 175th anniversary of the Texas Ranger Service is commemorated by the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary.


Sgt. Matt Cawthon, Left,
Sgt. Drew Carter, Right
Photos of the Rangers that apprehended Angel Maturino Resendez
Angel Maturino Resendez

A nationwide manhunt for accused serial murderer Angel Maturino Resendez is launched by the FBI. An investigation by Ranger Sergeants Drew Carter and Brian Taylor of Company A result in Resendez' surrender in El Paso

Texas Ranger Sgt. Matt Cawthon of Company F, U.S. Postal Inspector R.C. "Bob" Adams and Bellmead, Texas Detective Thomas Noble end a widespread child pornography ring and receive Officer of the Year awards from Congress, the Department of Justice and the Fraternal Order of Police, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.






The third century in which the Texas Rangers will serve begins with the Rangers at an authorized strength of 107 and Senior Captain Bruce Casteel in command.



Ranger Badge
Space Shuttel Mission STS-111
Col. Paul Lockhart, pilot of Space Shuttle mission STS-111, takes a Texas Ranger badge into orbit in honor of the 180th anniversary of the Texas Rangers (in 2003).






The Official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas