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Texas Rangers Honorably Discharged from Service - J K L

This is a list of living individuals honorably discharged from the Texas Ranger service through retirement, resignation or transfer. The dates below their names (for example 1971-1982) represent their years in the Texas Ranger service.

New entries are added every 6 to 12 months. Deceased active duty Rangers, or newly deceased former Rangers, are listed in the memorials section as obituaries become available.

Oral Histories

Some retirees have graciously participated in an oral history project sponsored by

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum and
History Committee, Texas Ranger Association Foundation

An oral history transcript is available as a free download where the words "Click for Oral History" and the Adobe Acrobat symbol appear.

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Jackson, Bruce
2010 - 2011
Jackson, Joaquin

Click for Oral History
Jaramillo, Rudolfo

Johnson, Richard

Click for Oral History
Kaelin, Jimmie, Jr.
Kea, D.E. "Gene"
Kinerd, Jason
King, Kasey K.
Leal, Tony
Leger, Mark
Lewis, James "Woody"

Long, Brooks

Lopez, Andrew Jr.
Lough, Roger
Love, Chris
2001 - 2007

This listing is a joint project of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum (sponsored by the
City of Waco, Texas) and the Texas Ranger Association Foundation History Committee
with assistance from Cheryl Iselt and Laura Luckie.

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