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Cover: The Scouting Expeditions of McCulloch's
Texan Rangers by Samuel Reid, Jr., 1848.

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This E-Book project provides free access to oral histories, books, dissertations, articles and other materials about Texas Ranger history.

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Rare Books & Monographs

Copyright Status
Callicott, William ©2006
University of Texas,
Bill Callicott Reminiscences, 1921.

93 pages.

William Callicott's correspondence with Walter Prescott Webb concerning his service in the Frontier Battalion in
East Texas Chamber of Commerce PD Martial Law in East Texas: What It has Meant to the State and the Nation, 1932.

89 pages.

Discussion of lawlessness in the East Texas Oil Fields in 1931.
Gillette, James B. PD Six Years with the Texas Rangers 1875-1881, 1925.

243 pages.

Classic account by a Ranger in Dan Roberts', N.O. Reynolds' and George W. Baylor's commands.
Jennings, N. A. PD A Texas Ranger, 1899.

226 pages.

Although Jennings' narrative has significant errors and exaggerations, it is one of the more readable 1870s border reminiscences.
Lee, Nelson PD Three Years Among the Comanches, 1859.

164 pages.

Narrative of captivity and life among the Comanche of Texas
Lockett, Samuel Coleman ©2006
The Ledger of Samuel Coleman Lockett - Ranger Service Extract, ca. 1910.

35 pages.

This is the extract of only the Ranger service portion. See next entry for entire manuscript.
Lockett, Samuel Coleman ©2006
The Ledger of Samuel Coleman Lockett, ca. 1910.

132 pages.

Locket served as a Ranger in 1870-71 with the Frontier Force and as a minister. This is the transcript of his entire manuscript which contains detail on his service as a minister, Rangers he met during that period, and a copy of a transcription of his Ranger service memoirs.
Roberts, Dan PD Rangers and Sovereignty, 1914.

146 pages.

Capt. Dan Roberts' classic account of service in the Frontier Battalion.

Sponsored by Robert Nieman.
Roberts, Mrs. Dan

(Luvenia Conway)
PD A Woman's Reminiscences of Six Years in Camp with the Texas Rangers, 1928.

55 pages.

Daily life with a Ranger company by the wife of Texas Ranger Capt. Dan Roberts.
Stephens, Robert W. ©1975

Texas Ranger Indian Wars Pensions.

134 pages

An abstract of Texas Ranger Indian War pension files in the National Archives.

Reproduced by courtesy and permission of Robert W. Stephens, All Rights Reserved. Sponsored by Marshall Doke.

4.89 MB
Sullivan, W.J. L.

PD Twelve Years in the Saddle for Law and Order on the Frontiers of Texas, 1909.

268 pages.

Sullivan served as a Ranger in the Frontier Battalion from 1889-1901 under Capt. Bill McDonald.
Wolters, Jacob F. PD Martial Law and Its Administration, 1930.

243 pages

The first hundred pages consist of a rather dry legal treatise on martial law. The second hundred pages contain more interesting sections on the deployment of the Texas Rangers and the Texas National Guard to restore order in Longview, Mexia, Galveston, and Borger from 1919 to the 1930s.

Theses and Dissertations

Copyright Status
Durham, Jr., Kenneth R. 2006
Stephen F. Austin University
The Longview Race Riot of 1919

18 pages.

Paper on race riots in Longview, Texas after WWI and the role of the Texas Rangers.
O'Neal, John William 2006
Texas 1791-1835
A Study in Manifest Destiny

140 pages.
Rigler, Erik T. 2006

A Descriptive Study of the Texas Rangers: Historical Overtones on Minority Attitudes, 1971.

84 pages.

M.A. Thesis on the origins of attitudes about the Texas Rangers in Hispanic South Texas.
Silvey, Lucile


The Author at Hardin-Simmons University.

The History of the East Texas Oil Field.

97 pages.
Background history of the East Texas Oil Fields.
Stroud, David 2006
Walter Prescott Webb, 1888-1963.

36 pages.

Biography of the best known historian of the Texas Rangers.

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